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5 Biggest Mistakes Made by Lottery Players

11 May 2016
5 Biggest Mistakes Made by Lottery Players

Anyone can play the lottery online at isuperlottery You could also walk up to a store and buy a lottery ticket – as easy as that. Playing lotteries should be fun and entertaining, a nice diversion from your daily routine.

If you are a serious player who has been playing lotteries for months or even years, you are no doubt, motivated enough to get rid of the bad habits and practices and improve the way you play the game. If you a casual player, even you will find the information given here useful. Don’t allow mistakes to creep into your game, even at an early stage.

Here are the 5 biggest mistakes made by lottery players, which you must work hard to avoid.

Mistake #1: Not picking the right lottery to play

 There are so many lotteries out there – major lotteries such as Mega Millions and Powerball where winners can potentially bag over $350 million. And then there are the much smaller lotteries where the prizes are not more than a few million dollars. The only issue with Powerball and MegaMillions is that they have odds of winning like one in 175 million and one in 243 million respectively. Obviously, this is a bit on the high side. With smaller lotteries, the odds of winning are much better, but the prizes are lower. Now, ideally you should play both big lotteries such as Mega Millions and Powerball and a few smaller lotteries as well. Just maintain the right balance, and eventually you will get lucky.

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Mistake #2: Using your birthday while picking a lottery number

Another major mistake that many lottery players make is to pick their birthdays or that of their children’s, while picking lotteries. Some pick anniversaries as well. This is not a smart move as you will be essentially limiting your options and your pool to a number between 1 and 31. Instead, use all the numbers from the pool. If it’s a pool of 54 numbers, for example, use high numbers such as 43, 36, 51 etc. The idea is to pick uncommon numbers that don’t get picked by other people. Don’t look for patterns – in fact, you should try to break patterns when picking lottery numbers.

 Mistake #3: Playing inconsistently

Here’s a fact – you will not win unless you play. That is true. If you do not play lotteries, your odds of winning drop to zero – you have absolutely no chance whatsoever. So, don’t just play the lottery only once in a while. Play it on a consistent basis. Allocate a small part of your monthly household budget for lotteries. Lottery tickets don’t cost much – you don’t have to buy too many lottery tickets – just buy a few and play consistently. And stick to a system that you like.

 Mistake #4: Spending too much or too little

This follows up from the earlier point. Once you decide which lottery game is best for you, make a commitment to play it on a regular basis. Now, don’t buy too many lottery tickets when you have money to spend. Stick to a budget. Don’t spend too much on lotteries. There’s no point in spending several hundred dollars a month on lotteries hoping to be successful – if you do that, it won’t remain a game any longer, it would be an unhealthy addiction. Similarly, don’t just spend $10 or so on lottery tickets every month – that’s too low, and gives you little chance of winning. Try to find a healthy balance that you can feel comfortable with.

Mistake #5: Giving up too soon

Don’t give up on your big dream of winning a major jackpot one day! That’s the worst thing you can do. For sure, playing lotteries can get frustrating, and you will wonder if the whole thing is fixed. But the truth is, everybody has an equal chance of winning a lottery. You can win too, but only as long as you keep playing. Now, who is to say that you won’t win the EuroMillions jackpot the next time you buy a EuroMillions lottery ticket? After all, you have the same odd just as anybody else in the world.

So, don’t give up dreaming! You can and you will win the lottery someday. Keep playing on

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