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9 Incredible Lottery Facts 2016

05 Mar 2016
9 Incredible Lottery Facts 2016

At, we encourage you to play the lottery, as you never know when it could be your day. You have as much a chance of winning a Mega Millions jackpot or a Powerball lottery or euromillion as much as anyone. The important thing is to keep playing and to keep the faith. Meanwhile, we thought of collecting 9 incredible lottery facts 2016 to entertain you and perhaps to shock you a little! Read on to find out about them....

1. 68% of lottery winners continue playing the lottery

For lottery winners, playing the lottery is fun, and it is something they enjoy immensely. There are only a handful of people who have won multiple lotteries – so just because one is a lottery winner does not mean they have any more chance at playing the lottery than you or I. Lotteries are the great equalizers – everybody has the same odds of winning a lottery.

2. 83% of lottery winners give money to family

The greatest thing about winning a lottery is that you can take care of the people who have always looked after you. A lot of lottery winners buy a new home for their parents, a car for their spouses and a better education for their children. 66% of lottery winners in our survey have claimed to have helped their siblings financially as well, which is wonderful.

3. 44% of lottery winners lose it all

You would think that having won millions of dollars, the winners are set for the rest of their life. But no, over 44% of lottery winners turn bankrupt in a few years. This happens because of jumping headlong into a millionaire lifestyle without thinking of the consequences. Call it Bad Karma, or whatever you want to, but when you start flaunting your wealth won in a lottery – which you will have won purely because of luck – there is every chance that the money won’t stick with you for too long. That’s why the smartest lottery winners are those who prefer to lead private and simple lives, even after winning a lottery. This way they ensure that they can hold on to their winnings for the rest of their life and even provide for their children as well.

4. 48% of lottery winners still hold on to their day job

A lot of us are led to think that the first thing a lottery winner would do would be to quit his or her job. This is not true, as 48% of lottery winners are satisfied enough with their jobs to continue working at them. Working makes them feel productive and helps make the most of their time. This in effect protects their winnings for the long term, as you have no doubt heard of the saying – an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

5. Only 55% of lottery winners claim to be happier after winning

Winning a lottery makes you richer; it may or not make you happier. There are no guarantees in life. But we would like to believe these numbers are flawed or those answering this particular question were lying. Really, winning a lottery helps you pay off your debt, buy a home, provide for your family, educate your kids and go on a dream vacation that you have always wanted. Now, wouldn’t that make you happy? It certainly would make us happy! 

6. 90% of lottery winners lose their friends

Now, we can understand that. The moment someone wins a lottery, their friends start getting jealous and long standing friendships are cut off, just like that. The only way for lottery winners to be popular after winning a lottery is to spread the money around, help out their friends financially. But we would advise against it – because remember, your winnings from a lottery are not infinite. You will run out of the money one day. And if you start acting like Santa Claus, you will only lose it sooner. Not worth it! 

7. 19% of lottery winners travel abroad after winning a lottery

That’s the best part of winning a lottery. You decide what you want to do with your time. Winning a lottery is a great reason to go visit the Pyramids in Egypt, trek the Andes, holiday in Spain or go scuba diving in the Indian Ocean. How exciting is that!

8. 32% of lottery winners gain weight 

This certainly does not make for a pleasant statistic. But getting too much money too fast makes a lot of people too comfortable or lazy. No wonder 32% of lottery winners gain in weight. There are obvious reasons for this. They will have stopped going to work, stopped walking or taking public transport and will have completely given up any physical activity. But thankfully 12% of lottery winners get a gym membership and start going to the gym. So there is hope for the world yet! 

9. 1% of lottery winners get plastic surgery

There was a 16 year old girl in the United Kingdom who won a lottery of £1.9 million. What does she do? She spends £250,000 on parties, buys four properties and multiple cars, and yes, gets expensive plastic surgery done on herself. Would it shock you to know that her money ran out by the time she turned 26? No? 

Hope you enjoyed this article. We encourage you to keep playing the lottery at  I super lottery

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