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The Online Lottery Revolution

15 Mar 2016
The Online Lottery Revolution

The online lottery industry is growing and growing fast. It is a large, untapped market that is still waiting to be explored. At, we are among the pioneers of the online lottery industry and have been involved since the very beginning, when online lotteries were relatively unheard of. Today, there are a number of online lottery companies around. We are by no means the only online lottery website, but we certainly have a first mover’s advantage in this industry.

The lottery industry has to take note and take advantage of the new trend in online lotteries. It’s not just the lottery industry – the gambling industry as a whole – which includes both online and offline casinos, should take a look at the online lottery business more seriously.

Today, the lottery business is responsible for a 29 percent share of the global gambling revenue. However, online lotteries still have some way to go before we catch up with the online casino industry, as we generate just 10 percent of the total online gambling revenue. This is expected to change soon as we expect the gap to narrow fast over the next few years, as more people get involved in the online lottery business. The online lottery business has for sure added an extra dimension to the offline lottery industry. We have enabled the offline lotteries to extend their range of products and make their lotteries available to millions of international lottery players.

Because of online lotteries, lotteries such as US Powerball, MegaMillions, EuroMillions and Super EnaLotto have gone truly global, beyond the confines of their narrow national boundaries.

It is now possible for someone from Sri Lanka to participate in the US Powerball. Now, a citizen of Brazil has the same chance of winning the EuroMillions as someone in France or the United Kingdom. Someone as far off as in Israel can now take part in the MegaMilions. A retired gentleman in India can participate in the Super EnaLotto. All because of online lottery services such as

At we are proud to be a part of this ongoing online lottery revolution. Those who play the Euro Millions, MegaMillions, US Powerball, Super EnaLotto as well as a host of other international lotteries give themselves an opportunity to win tens of millions of dollars. Players use many strategies to win a lottery online. For example, they team up with several other players and a together buy a large number of tickets on our website. So, this gives them a much better chance of winning a Powerball jackpot or a EuroMillions lottery. If any of the tickets so bought wins the lottery, then the winnings are shared by all members of the group on a proportional basis depending on the number of tickets bought by them.

Back in the past, online lotteries were more about B2C (business to customer). Over the last couple of years, we have seen more B2B (business to business) opportunities emerge in online lotteries. There are a number of businesses, not just individuals, that use our services today. It is important to understand that playing a lottery is not like gambling. An online lottery player is by no means a gambler. He or she is a very serious person with big dreams, who want to achieve immense wealth in the shortest possible time.

Since a typical lottery ticket – whether it is a US Powerball ticket or a Mega Millions ticket – doesn’t cost much, they really have little to lose and the whole world to gain. This is what motivates them to play the lottery at and reach out for their dreams. And why not? They have the same chance of winning the next $300 million US Powerball jackpot, as much as anyone in the world, or for that matter, in the United States.

Anything is possible when you play the lotteries at So why not take a chance and try your luck? Who knows what fate has in store for you? Better make the most of it when you’ve got this amazing opportunity!

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